Max Chester (OAM), Architects


The path to sustainable energy, in our architecture, is in the design approach to buildings, and in our case, educational buildings. We do so, in quality consultation with Floyd Energy, along a creative path.


We have been guided well by your office, as the buildings erected in recent times performed well, as an example, in the recent hot-extreme weather of early March 2017.

The obvious positive design factors, are in Buildings, which have the following design parameters.


  1. Economical to build
  2. Well insulated, to all external walls, roofs, and subfloors
  3. Good protection from the external elements, i.e. sun, rain, hail and wind


In our case, following discussions and guidance, buildings generally evolve which have:


  1. External walls of brick, with internal concrete block – all excellent insulation
  2. Adequate windows as required in a school, on all elevations, particularly noting the West and East elevations. We carefully protect the windows from the West and East sun, i.e. concentration of morning and afternoon sunlight


Note: We have adopted offset colourful Perspex panels, to soften the light of the penetrating sun, on the windows of the School


South, North aspect – we have adequate windows, with good roof overhangs, for protection from the elements, e.g. doorways


Children will leave the school property by mid afternoon, when the summer sun Is due West, i.e. the hottest part of the day. The building cools down well after dark


  1. Internal Multi-Purpose Areas, without low immediate external wall windows


Raised wall roofing is provided with quality insulation, highlight windows, good overhangs, and adequate glass to minimise artificial light and thus maximising daylight


The window sashes can be opened by remote control, and are self closing, in inclement weather, or by time clock


The glass is self cleaning and grey


  1. All external doors are protected against the weather, with the proper thresholds sealed


  1. External materials require minimal maintenance, e.g. windows and doors are powdercoated and the entire roofing, Colorbond, including downpipes.


Max Chester (OAM), Architects

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