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Green Star Ratings
& Building Sustainability Consultancy

Green Star ratings and building sustainability consultancy is recommended when you want a home or building that does more than meet your state's environmental regulations of a 6 star energy rating.

You want a Green Star rating and building sustainability consultancy if you are designing a building (home or commercial) for long-term environmental sustainability, occupant comfort and energy savings.

Our building sustainability consultancy is also the right service choice if you want to implement innovative, best-practice design and building materials that deliver top-level heating and cooling for temperature control.

Green Star ratings was launched by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) in 2003 and is the only nationally recognised and voluntary system used to rate the environmental sustainability of buildings.

Floyd Energy® has staff accredited in Green Star ratings to advise you on how to get a Green Star rating for your build, along with industry leading professionals with decades of building sustainability experience for large scope consultancy projects.


What’s the value of having a Green Star rating on your building?

It is estimated by GBCA that green star buildings provide up to 26% less energy consumption than a typical commercial building and up to 33% less greenhouse gas emissions.

There is also growing independent and third party research indicating green buildings increase occupancy well-being, health, happiness and productivity.

The marketability of a Green Star building is also on the rise, as is the awareness of the benefits for occupants. This includes everything from leading organisations wanting work spaces that show care of the environment and staff well-being; to health and care facilities wanting to look after their clients beyond human care; through to homeowners and tenants wanting homes that provide comfort throughout the year with low cost of living.

How do you get a Green Star certification?
(VIA GBCA site)

Your building’s design and/or plan is assessed across nine (9) categories for a Green Star rating:
  1.  Management – promotes and rewards efforts of sustainability throughout the project’s life including its design, construction and operations.
  2. Indoor environment quality (IEQ) – promotes a project’s comfort features such as air quality and its thermal and acoustic comfort.
  3. Energy – promotes efforts aimed to lower greenhouse gas emissions by using alternative energy sources.
  4. Transport – rewards projects that reduce the dependency of car transport and encourages alternative transportation methods.
  5. Water – promotes and rewards efforts aimed at reducing consumption of potable water.
  6. Materials – acknowledges the excessive consumption of resources and aims to encourage the use of materials with a lower environmental impact.
  7. Land use and ecology – rewards projects which aim to reduce the negative impact of urban development and increase the capability of local ecology.
  8. Emissions – encourages efforts to lower the environmental effects of ‘point source’ pollution to the water and air atmospheres and fauna.
  9. Innovation – strategies that aim to improve sustainable practices within the physical environment.

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