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Home energy rating assessments & consultancy across Australia

Have you designed a building for energy rating compliance or ultimate comfort?

With our building and home energy ratings and consultancy services, you will receive a report that analyses the thermal performance and comfort of your proposed new or existing building.

The energy rating assessors at Floyd Energy® consider how your occupants will use your proposed home or commercial building, and how this will affect thermal comfort. We then recommend adjustments to your building’s design according to your needs.

Energy ratings we perform meet various guidelines across Australia, including:

  • NatHERS
  • Section J
  • JV3
  • BASIX (NSW only)
  • BESS (Victoria only)
  • Green Star & Sustainability Consultancy

Planned building types we assess include:

  • New buildings
    • Complex architectural designs
    • Volume housing
    • Medium and high density multi-unit housing
    • Apartment complexes
    • Small single or dual occupancy developments
    • Commercial buildings and office spaces
  • Existing buildings
    • Alterations, additions and extensions
When does an energy rating take place?

Your energy assessment should happen at pre-planning stage. At pre-planning it is possible to re-design a plan according to our recommendations.

If your design is finalised, you will have to work with what you’ve planned, but we can still recommend how to decrease energy loads.


What’s included in your energy report?

After we’ve assessed your design and/or plan, you will receive a report tailored for long-term thermal comfort and energy savings.

Want to know more about Energy Ratings?

What exactly is this energy rating? Why do you need it? And what are all the different ways to get one? Learn more on our Energy Ratings page.

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