NatHERS House Energy Rating Reports Australia

What is NatHERS?

The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) is a star rating system (out of ten) that rates the energy efficiency of a home based on its design.

NatHERS provides a means to estimate a home’s potential heating and cooling energy use, helping make Australian homes more comfortable for their occupiers and to save on energy bills through smarter design choices. Often good design can reduce the amount of energy needed to keep a home comfortable with no or little additional construction cost.

Similar to the star ratings on household appliances we’ve all become accustomed, NatHERS provides a rating out of ten on the design of new homes and units’ energy efficiency for heating and cooling.


Why you need a NatHERS Rating?

NatHERS is an Australia Government lead program based on CSIRO’s scientific research that assesses the thermal performance of new residential buildings –single and multi-story.

Simply put, your new home’s potential heating and cooling energy usage is analysed.

Today all new homes require a minimum of 6 stars under the Building Code of Australia. A building permit will not be given unless you can demonstrate this energy rating and NatHERS is one of the methods accepted by local councils and government.

Note: Floyd Energy® expects this minimum rating to increase in the near future

If performed accurately, a NatHERS energy report will deliver recommendations on how to build a home that saves energy and is more comfortable to occupy.

Sometimes recommendations are a cost-effective amendment of building materials, such as flooring construction or incorporating extra shading. Sometimes recommendations are more considered, such as building orientation, higher quality glazing or even changing window placement.

But it’s important to remember recommendations from experienced and qualified Energy Raters will save money for the life of the building and increase its overall value, let alone deliver wellness and lower our carbon footprint.


Benefits of NatHERS

Whilst the current 6 star standard is used across most of Australia, NatHERS software can rate a design up to 10 star home energy rating that, in theory, is comfortable for the occupier throughout all seasons, and does not require artificial heating or cooling.

It is, however, important to acknowledge while heating and cooling are a household’s largest energy costs, NatHERS energy rating does not account for water heating, appliances, lighting or water efficiency.


What does NatHERS assess in your new home?

Your home’s star rating is determined by the following factors assessed by the NatHERS program:

  • Home’s layout;
  • Windows, floor, walls and roof construction and materials;
  • Windows’ orientation and shading to the sun and local breezes; and
  • How all of above suit your specific local climate.


Who can conduct a NatHERS Rating?

NatHERS is a specialist software program that simulates your home’s thermal performance according to design and/or building plan.

Thermal Performance Assessors requires a mandatory Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment to conduct a rating, but at Floyd Energy® all our team are members of BDAV and have building industry experience that allows us to deliver a report that looks beyond the software numbers.


What Australian states & territories does NatHERS energy rating apply?

NatHERS meets all Australian state and territory legislations as part of the building permit application for new homes. Despite other methods being available for this building type, NatHERS is the most common rating program used, except for NSW where it is used in conjunction with Basix.


How long will the NatHERS Rating take?

After you’ve approved our proposal quote, you can expect your Energy Rating Report within a two to three business days, dependant on unforeseen issues. While some Energy Rating businesses will promise a report within 24 hours, our experience (since 2001) is that an accurate report that delivers real-world savings and comfort needs further time for analysis beyond the software results.


How to start your NatHERS Rating

Simply head to our Energy Rating Request page and submit your details including building plan and/or designs and we’ll forward and quote for our service. If you’d like to discuss your requirements with an energy rater, call us on (03) 9135 0300.


Get an accurate NatHERS Report first time round

Your NatHERS Energy Rating Report will only be as good as the person who conducted it. Floyd Energy® has over 18 years experience providing home energy ratings, we are committed to quality and accuracy and attention to detail. You may find a cheaper provider, however what is more impoortyant is the quality of that advice and any up grade options that May be required to obtain a cost effective build and will cost you in energy costs and occupier wellness in the long run?

Contact us today to get your rating done right the first time round.