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Building Thermal Performance Assessors

Floyd Energy™ (Floyd Group Pty Ltd) has been independently assessing thermal performance in building designs for Australian architects, builders and developers, and homeowners since 2001 – that’s before government legislation.

Founder, Wayne Floyd, observed the growing discussion of both the Australian government and the general public around climate change, energy and environmental sustainability, and the need to reduce humans’ carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

With his 30 years’ experience in the building materials sector, specialising in windows and glass, two of the key components in obtaining a thermally efficient building, Wayne was already advising builders, architects and developers on how to alter building design to achieve thermal comfort and energy savings. With the launch of Floyd Energy™ he could now apply his extensive knowledge across all aspects of a building’s design.

Architects, builders and developers wanting innovative and environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings, sought Floyd Energy™ as one of the few thermal performance assessors in Australia who could advise how to design and plan buildings to be energy efficient and sustainable, and how to deliver thermal comfort for occupiers.

In 2003, all Australian state and territory governments commenced staged roll-outs of mandatory energy efficiency standards into the Building Code of Australia (BCA). With this, an influx of energy rating businesses soon followed. But Floyd Energy™ was already ahead of the energy rating industry, pushing-the-limits of energy appraisal software programs. Wayne and his growing team were using their building knowledge to ask the pertinent and often difficult questions to deliver best outcomes for clients.

Floyd Energy™ grew its service offering beyond energy ratings to consultancy services and worked with Australian government departments, regulatory authorities, building materials suppliers, industry associations and volume builders.

Floyd Energy™ has built a reputation of giving clients and industry bodies a clearer understanding of the impact of home and building energy rating process on their respective businesses.

Beyond the legislative qualifications to undertake energy ratings for building compliancy, all staff have extensive working backgrounds in building industries. This means your design will be assessed by people who know more than a software program’s data. We ask the difficult questions to ensure the best building for both the environment and the occupier.

Ultimately, we care more than giving compliancy to a build. We care about the building’s occupants, whether that be a young family in a new home, a growing family in an extension, office workers in a high-rise building, older people in a retirement village or patients in a care facility.

With Floyd Energy™ you will receive independent advice. With no conflicts of interest, we will say “no” to a design and plan in the interest of best practice and the ultimate longevity of the building and occupiers.

We care about delivering long-term well-being and comfort, and helping the industry design for the future.

Our team of Building Thermal Performance Assessors

Wayne Floyd, Managing Director, Building Thermal Performance Assessor & Consultant

Managing Director
Senior Thermal Performance Assessor
Building Sustainability Consultant

Tony Isaacs Building Sustainability Consultant

Senior Thermal Performance Assessor
Building Sustainability Consultant

Kristin Rurade, Senior Building Thermal Performance Assessor

Senior Thermal Performance Assessor
Production Manager

Alex Rentsch, Building Thermal Performance Assessor

Senior Thermal Performance Assessor

Shane Paul, Building Thermal Performance Assessor

Thermal Performance Assessor
Green Star & BESS Assessor

Richard Stedwell, Building Thermal Performance Assessor

Thermal Performance Assessor

Eric Lam, Building Thermal Performance Assessor

Thermal Performance Assessor 

Tim Brewan, Building Thermal Performance Assessor

Thermal Performance Assessor

Theresa Dawson, Administration


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